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Cornerstone Homeschool Covering offers classes every Friday
     *These are NOT classes you may drop off children to. You must stay at the facility while classes are going on. You may do work, read, or other things you need to during classes but you may not leave your children.*
8:00-8:45 Science Experiments first sem./Car Maintenance second sem.(6th-12th), Baking (K-5), Saxon Math 5/4
8:45-9:30 Financial Literacy (6th-8th), Crafts (PreK-5th), Saxon Pre-Algebra, Beginner Spanish (1st-6th)
9:30-10:30 Biblical Citizenship (6th-12th), Story Time (PreK-5th),

9:30-11:30 Spanish 1 (7th-12th, note: 2HOURS LONG)

10:30-11:30 Financial Literacy (9th-12th), Exploring Nature (PreK-5th), Saxon Math 7/6

11:30-12:30 Biology (6th-12th), Kids Choir/ Drama (PreK-5th), Saxon Math 6/5

12:30-1:00 Feel free to bring lunch and eat with everyone!                                  

1pm-3pm     FUN FRIDAY

*To Register for Classes please go here:

*To pay for classes you can do it here and please notate that it is for Homeschool Covering:

*Fun Friday classes will offer a variety of activities, projects, and field trips.  Please refer to the calendar for the upcoming events.

*Spanish classes will be paid for monthly, to the teacher, she is an outside teacher coming in to help with this and so payment is given to her directly.



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