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Our Vision

The Cornerstone Homeschool Covering was founded to provide homeschooling families in our community quality, Christ-centered support.  We also strive to build a strong community through ensuring our students are educated in a bona fide manner.  We are a place where families may fellowship and find emotional, physical and spiritual support in their homeschooling.


  1. To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all our activities and communications.

  2. To provide families with the resources and support to give their children a superior education.​

  3. To offer educational and social opportunities for our home schooled children and parents.

  4. To help parents raise well-educated, Christ-loving children who are strong and firm in their faith.

Mission Statement

Our hope is to provide the confidence every parent needs to homeschool their child, through assistance, support and oversight for homeschool students in grades K-12.

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