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 Fun Friday Fee: Per family.....$30 for the year!

Beginner Spanish & Spanish 1 will have a fee of $25 a month, per student. This is to be paid to the Spanish teacher as this is an outside teacher coming in to help!

All Other Co-Op Classes will have a $20 fee, per class, per student, for the YEAR to help with fees and supplies that are needed for the classes. 

*There will be a cap of $80 per person OR $300 per family, whichever is least!
For instance:

1 Kid   2 Kids   3Kids   4 Kids and up:            
$80     $160     $240      $300 

First half needs to be paid by Sept.1 and last half needs to be paid by Oct. 15

*If money is an issue please talk with us!

Testing Fee Schedule:
1st & 2nd Grade.....$40
3rd-12th Grade.....$30

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